Reading Goals for 2019


Happy New Year everyone! I hope whatever you did for New Years was lit (I hate myself) and those of you who drank (legally obviously) weren’t too hungover in the morning lol. Just like we all make life resolutions at the beginning of every new year, I’ve decided to have some resolutions reading and blogging specific on top of my regular goals.

Also if you’re wondering, my regular resolutions are to exercise, get more sleep, eat more fruit, and to not procrastinate as much. Clearly I’m off to a great start.


Post 2 times a week

Now this definitely isn’t as many times a week or a month as other bloggers. But considering my work load that includes club responsibilities, work, school, and an internship, I think posting two times a week is pretty feasible. I just need to be on top of my posts and write them in advance!

Post a review at least once a month

Considering the amount of books I want to read this year, I think I should be able to do this fairly easily! I hope to become a more articulate book reviewer, which might even result in me writing more reviews! I also want to figure out a way to review and rate books in a consistent way. I generally do it on how I feel and now that I’m planning on reviewing more books I think the authors and anyone who reads it deserves at least a little more thought and effort on my part in reviews.

Follow and interact with more bloggers

I want to start branching out and following more blogs and interacting with more people within the blogging community! I’m not usually the type of person that responds to posts, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, or blogs but I want to start trying harder at doing that. I hope by the end of next year I’ll have accomplished this goal and maybe even made some friends! Fingers crossed 🤞


Reach my Goodreads reading goal

I have decided to set my reading goal for this year to be 52 books. This is significantly above what I set it at last year (35). But, if you think about it, 52 books ends up being only 1 book a week and I’m usually pretty good at that, especially if I’m listening to audiobooks as well.

Read more:



Historical Fiction



I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. If you look at my 2018 in Review post, you’ll notice that I read mostly fantasy books in 2018. I don’t necessarily want to change the amount of fantasy books I read, but I want to work on reading a more diverse variety of genres. Especially because there are some genres, like Sci-Fi, that I rarely ever read but I KNOW I would enjoy. I just never reach for that genre for some reason.

Participate in more reading challenges and readathons

I attempted like 3 readathons in 2018 and no reading challenges. I think readathons especially are a fun way to join the community, and I think they’re a good way to relax. And I NEED a good way to relax because I get stressed out a lot while school is in session and then never deal with it. Also, reading challenges would be another good way to diversify my reading throughout the year which is something I’m hoping to do!

Finish series

This one is pretty self-explanatory as well. I’ve realized that I always start series and then never finish them. I either stop reading the series after the first book (even if I liked it) or the middle of the damn series. I don’t know why I do this. I mean, I do get distracted really easily, and sometimes I fall into a different entertainment pattern. Sometimes I’m super into Netflix, sometimes it’s YouTube, and sometimes I’m all about reading. I also binge tf out of tv shows, maybe I should start doing that with series I like, that way I actually will finish them!

So that’s that for my 2019 reading goals. It’s super weird to me that we’re a year away from it being 2020 for some reason. Crazy. I’d love to know what your reading goals are for this year and if there are things that you struggled with this past year goal wise!


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