Rainy Day Reads

The Top Ten Tuesday for this week is very suiting for the past couple days I’ve had. In typical Washington springtime fashion, it’s been on and off rainy where some days it’s ridiculously nice outside and other days it’s raining so much that I don’t want to leave my apartment.

If you don’t know, Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl where a topic is chosen for every Tuesday in a month and you then create a list inspired by that topic! The topic for today is the best books to read on rainy days. Lucky for me, I get a lot of rainy days where I live, and I like to think my aesthetic is rainy or grey weather, so I think I’m pretty good at knowing which books fit a rainy day read mood.

My Favorite Rainy Day Reads:

Sourdough – Robin Sloan

This book is set in San Francisco so it has that grey drizzly vibe throughout the book which I think is suited for rainy days. It’s also a pretty quick read so someone could settle into their couch with a cozy blanket one rainy afternoon and finish the book that day.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – JK Rowling

Magic and a boarding school setting in the Scottish Highlands really says rainy day to me. Also, this book series just makes me feel cozy, though that may be nostalgia.

The Demon King – Cinda Williams Chima

This is the first book in the Seven Realms series and ooooooh I love this series so much! The setting is really why I think it would be a good rainy-day book since it’s set in a kingdom in the mountains where it is cold and rainy a lot of the time. Also it’s just an amazing start to a series. Seriously, you should read it.

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo

This book honestly has practically the same reasoning as The Demon King except it mostly takes place in a port town. Just read it. Especially if you love morally grey characters and heist books.

Jackaby – William Ritter

This book is the essence of Victorian London in a book that’s not actually set in England at all. Does that make sense? It will if you read it I promise.

The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

This is 100% NOT a book you’re going to finish in a single day. I read on the faster side and it took be around a month to finish this behemoth of a book. But it would be a great book to start on a rainy day because 1, vibes, and 2, you really should start it some time, so why not when you don’t feel like doing anything else?

The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax – Dorothy Gilman

This is the second book in a series but I promise that you don’t need to read the first book to understand what’s going on. Like most mystery series it introduces a new mystery and solves it within the span of the book. This series in particular follows an older woman (I think she’s in her 60s or 70s) who is hired by the CIA and ends up going to Istanbul (cue me singing Istanbul by They Might Be Giants because I’m obsessed with TUA) to help them. It’s a super quick and fun read, especially on a day where you don’t really feel like doing anything.

I Capture the Castle – Dodie Smith

Picture this: a crumbling castle in the British countryside lived in by a poor family trying to make ends meet that has plenty of issues, financial and otherwise. The narrator of this book is such an amazing character to read from and she makes the story move forward so fast.

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I’m going to say this term more than once in this post but: Dark. Whimsy. Those two words are the essence to this historical mystery book that is the type of books that makes you wonder whether it’s fantastical or not.

Uprooted – Naomi Novik

Following a similar vibe to the rest of the books I’ve picked in this list. This book has magic and a general vibe that’s on the darker side but still really fun to read. It’s very nature magic based and I believe it’s inspired by Russian folklore.


Now for some extra fun I’ve decided to put in my favorite rainy-day TV show just in case you’re not really feeling in the reading mood that day. Though tbh you could totally read the comic books in a day if you want to do that too.

The Umbrella Academy

To really up the mood I would highly recommend listening to the soundtrack to the movie as well. The music directors of the show did an amazing job a curating a soundtrack that really fits the show’s dark whimsical vibe and I FCKING LOVE IT.

What are your favorite rainy-day reads?


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