What’s up my fellow book lovers!

My name is Rachael, I’m a 23 year old college student from Seattle (majoring in International Business and Archaeology) who figured that, because I love reading, I should probably do something with that love. So here I am!

I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, though according to my aunt I had to take special reading lessons in Kindergarten because I sucked at reading. Though, to be honest, what kindergarteners aren’t bad at reading? Thankfully I grew out of that very quickly and came across some fantastic books and book series that caused me to spiral down the wonderful reading rabbit hole. Fast forward 15 years and my love of reading has grown exponentially. To the point where I’m that person that gives everyone books (or makeup or food) for their birthdays and other holidays because I can’t think of anything else to give them.

I created this blog and my bookstagram account to hold myself accountable in my goal to be a part of the online book community and to read a more diverse variety of books. My go-to books are generally YA fantasy or mystery, particularly ones with strong female leads and that have some type of magic involved. I have a penchant for artistic and beautifully illustrated book covers, which leads to my issue with hard core judging books by their covers, as well as a penchant for dog-earing book pages rather than using a bookmark. I am working on judging books by their covers, though I have pretty strong beliefs on book covers so I doubt much will change. Despite this, I never turn down a book someone recommends to me, even if it has an awful cover. I don’t think my habit of dog-earing pages rather than using a bookmark will ever change though. There’s just something about seeing a book well loved, with creased, worn pages and a cracked spine. It gives me those warm and fuzzy feelings you get from sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter day.

Some things I love other than reading are: traveling, makeup, history (especially of ancient civilizations), mythology, and dogs. Don’t be surprised if posts about any of these things pop up now and again.