Five Star Read Predictions

Here's the thing. I thought I saw another blogger create a top five or top ten list with this as a prompt. However, when I went to go look for that blog post I couldn't find it! If I end up finding the blogger I will put a link to their blog here:____. If not … Continue reading Five Star Read Predictions


May TBR?

It’s finally May and you know what that means!!! That’s right, I have officially lost any and all motivation to do anything resembling work. Not that I had much to begin with. But still! The teeny tiny amount that I had before has been washed away with the sun and all the breweries I’ve been … Continue reading May TBR?

March Recap

March was a weird month. It was the month that I had finals for my winter quarter so I had a lot going on there with finishing up my classes and researching and writing essays. I also had a lot going on with the club I’m in so I was pretty damn busy last quarter. … Continue reading March Recap