May TBR?

It’s finally May and you know what that means!!! That’s right, I have officially lost any and all motivation to do anything resembling work. Not that I had much to begin with. But still! The teeny tiny amount that I had before has been washed away with the sun and all the breweries I’ve been going to.

If you’ve seen my April Recap then you’ll know that I utterly failed the OWLs Readathon that was hosted by G at Book Roast on YouTube. I didn’t even fail it a little bit. Like, I big time failed at it. I read (finished) only one book I had put on my TBR and it was an audiobook! I get through those like quicksand! The rest of the books I read in April were also audiobooks and I just kinda went with what I wanted.

This isn’t the only time I’ve failed at completing a TBR. In fact, this is a recurring problem that I’m having. Clearly, something’s not working. I’m not sure if it’s that I feel like I’m forcing myself to read when I have a TBR, or if it has more to do with me just not caring enough. Either way, I’m over it.

SO. Here’s my plan: I’m not going to have a plan this month.

At least in the way of a traditional TBR because that just doesn’t work for me. I’ll look at that stack of books and just stare at it for a minute, thinking about how much of a chore it is. That’s never good if you like reading. So, this month I’m switching it up a big and I’m just going to read whatever I feel like reading.

However, I do want to make it slightly structured since I know that if I’m completely left to my own devices I’ll just read YA fantasy all month and not expand my genre horizons. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s one of my goals to read a wider variety of genres so I need to push myself to do so.

Since it’s starting to get warmer here in Washington, I’m feeling more summer vibes, which means that it’s time for contemporary romances. For some reason contemporary romances and summer vibes just go together in my head. So that’s one of the other genres I’ll be trying to read this month.

I also want to read a historical fiction. A lot of historical fiction books I’ve read relatively recently are set during WWII, are kind of sad, and usually take place during Winter. I’m not really feeling that though, and I know that I have historical fiction books that are not like that. As you can tell, I’m all about the vibes right now. Lol. But it’s true! I like getting myself in the mood for the season, especially because I’m not really a summer person but I like reading about people enjoying the summer. Is that weird? Does that make sense?

That’s pretty much it! That’s my plan for this month and I really hope it goes better than the past six months. I’m hopeful though. It’s already looking up as I’ve already finished two (TWO!) books so far! I already wrote a review for one and the second review is in progress. So things are looking up for ya girl.

Happy reading! What are your reading plans for this month?


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